Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's "Sew-Easy": Blanket Instructions

Thank you to my friends & family for your willingness to sew itty bitty blankets in memory of our daughter, which will be donated to our local hospital for nurses to use when presenting pre-term stillborn babies to their parents for that special time they are able to say hello and goodbye. Standard receiving blankets pose a challenge for the nurses, who do their best at making those babies look their best. The Hospital issued blankets engulf the little bodies and they get lost in all that softness.

Our little girl was given to us in a hospital issued blanket, and although at the time, a blanket was the least of my concern, looking back, I would have been touched to have her presented to me in a blanket suited to her size...even moreso, knowing that someone donated the blanket in memory of a stillborn..When you only have a half hour to spend with your baby, every last loving touch helps. Those memories are all the families have of their much loved baby.

Here are step-by-step instructions for making the blankets. And if they seems small when you are making them, it's because they are! NZ had to remind me just how small our little doll was as I sat there hemming and hawing over whether the instructions really were for a 12x12" blanket or not...

You will need:
A sewing machine
An iron & ironing surface ( preferably an ironing one needs to melt their carpet!)
Scissors or Rotary Cutter
Marking pencil/pen
Ruler/straight edge
3/4 yd. to 1 yd. Flannel fabric in muted prints or solids

**I was able to get (2) 12x12 blankets out of 3/4 of a yd. and (3) 12x12 blankets out of 1 yd.**

I'm looking to make 2 sizes of blankets.
The 12"x12" blankets are better suited for preterm loss under 30 weeks, and the 24"x24" blankets are better suited for 30 weeks +.

The following instructions are for 12"x 12" blankets

Step 1: Measure & Trace
Using a straightedge/ruler or cutting mat marked with measurements, mark off 12.5" x 12.5" square. ( The extra 1/2 inch allows for a 1/4" seam allowance.)
Step 2: Cut out (2) Squares

Step 3: Place right-sides together and pin around perimeter.
Step 4: Sew.

(Photo A)
Using machine set on straight-stitch, sew around the perimeter, using a 1/4 seam allowance all the way around ( see photo A: there are guides on most sewing machine plates). Leave a 3"gap in one of the sides, so that right sides can be turned out ( see photo B). (Photo B)
Step 5: Trim corners at a diagonal
Step 6: Turn right-side out
Be sure to turn corners out as square as you can get them. By executing step 5, you've done yourself a world of help at getting them square.

Step 7: Press edges and corners.
Step 8: Sew edges.
Use either a straight stitch or decorative stitch ( I used Zig-zag) around perimeter of the blanket. I lined my sewing machine foot up with the edge of the blanket to make sure all seams got pressed down nicely. ( see photo below)
Step 9: Press and celebrate! You're done!

Please contact me at : for my mailing address...and once again, thank you thank you thank you for all your love!


  1. Perfect! Now I know I can do it =) And there're 2 fabric stores w/in 10 minutes of work to find cute baby flannels.

  2. I've officially returned from Jo-Ann's with cute baby flannel. Had never been to Jo-Ann's, but they turn out to have everything. It's like the Target for crafts! Mine is a superstore one, lucky me. I got wilton candy chip melty things for future cake-ball endeavors.

  3. I have a few made up already...will bring them Saturday...and then go to JoAnn's for more fabric.