Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'd die without you

Yes, and ode to my KitchenAid mixer...

Dear Mrs. KitchenAid,

Since you came into my life, you've made everything so much easier! I wondered, as I registered for you, if anyone would purchase you and send you to my home...and even moreso, I worried that I may get you to my house, and then (gasp!) let you collect dust as many appliances do.

We've spent almost 3 years together..and they've all been beautiful. According to NZ, the sheer magnitude of your mixing abilities makes the best cookies, ever...and without you, he may be subjected to dry spots, clumps and edible- yet- not-so- delicious- cookies.

It wasn't until last night, that I realized just how versatile you are. I usually use you for baking purposes, mixing in that stubborn flour...and sometimes for the granola I make, you save my hands and spoon from that sticky honey mess...but last night, you wowed me with your mashed potatoes making ability. In just 20 minutes from raw tater to mashed...LOVELY.

So, Mrs. KitchenAid, I can safely say that my domestic skills would suffer without you, and therefore, I will never, ever leave you. In fact, I may just die without you.

Your proud owner,


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  1. Okay now this is seriously a funny post. Love it. And I am in love with my stand mixer too.