Friday, September 25, 2009

Wrapped with love

My sister sends me links to crafty websites every now and then, which is where I get the majority of my ideas from. Today she sent me one for a project that hits close to home, and touches my heart.

Greyson's mom also shares my shoes of being a babyless mama. She gave birth to a stillborn little boy, much too small for the hospital blanket that he was presented to her in. For families who experience this horrific situation, those few minutes we get to spend with our baby are the memories we will keep for a lifetime.

She has started a project of blanket donations for hospitals, in itty bitty baby sizes (12x12 and 24x24), to be used for cases of fetal demise. I know many of my friends and family are crafty, and it would mean a lot to me, and to many others who have grieved the loss of their babies for you to donate to a worthy cause.

Click on the link to her website for blanket specs ( double sided flannel) and an address to which you can mail them to.
I have an inquiry into the hospital I delivered at to see if they have any interest in receiving a donation of blankets. If so, I will start a local drive and keep you updated via this blog.. If interested in participating, email me at for more info.


  1. My mom's bringing me her sewing maching tomorrow!

  2. ahhh, you must thank mama for me!