Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sick world

I woke up to a Facebook post from one of my cousins, that had the caption, "For Real? Why would anyone let her be a mother again?" and decided I had to check out the link that went with the post.

Sure enough, some sicko, from a "world news" trash website, made up a story about Casey Anthony adopting from Romania.

Even though I knew better than to believe it, it still put a pit in my stomach and reminded me of that missing part of my heart. I read the story about how she applied in 2010, during her trial, none-the-less, and offered Romanian authorities triple the cash to expedite things.

Sickening, I tell you.

...and definitely not true, thanks to a quick check on validity over at snopes...but still, it makes my blood boil, that fabricated stories like this one are out there. Who thinks of this stuff? How do they sleep at night?

I think the reason this one hits home so much for me, is because I have watched friends struggle through the adoption process, whether it be domestic, through fostering, or international. It's not for the faint of heart. It takes a strong family to be able to weather out the process, which is somehow cheapened and made to look so easy that even Casey Anthony could do it. I wonder how this "story" makes them feel?

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