Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Make it: Cheater Burp Cloths

Although I am in LOVE with my sister-in-law's etsy shop, Coral Tree, and all her baby things, I still couldn't resist making a few of my own burp cloths for the boy. Really, if you haven't already, you need to check her shop out---the cutest stuff, ever. I ran across this easy, peasy, tutorial over on Happy Together for oval burp cloths.

I admit to being an impatient seamstress. I hate pinning things, making sure edges are straight, cause even when I use a straight edge and a rotary cutter, I still somehow manage to go askew. So, when I saw the tutorial for flannel burp cloths on Jessica's blog, it definitely put some float in my boat. She didn't have straight, squared edges or nice sharp corners ( my nemesis is making nice pointy corners), but instead was oval shaped, and didn't need to be turned inside out, pressed or have a topstitch sewed. One stop sewing. I like that!

I made a rectangular template with xerox paper. I then traced a CD to make the corners rounded on my pattern piece. I placed my template on the fold of my flannel, and repeated the process with a complimentary solid for the second layer. I placed the layers of flannel together, wrong sides touching ( right sides out), pinned and serged around the edges.

Voila! Done. 5 minutes from first cut to finished burp cloth. I even made some as a gift for one of my friends from our fitness competition days.

We've gone from gluing each other's butts into tiny rhinestoned bikinis, to preparing to clean the butts of our newborn little boys within weeks of one another. She's a dog lover, so I found this adorable print at Joann's and immediately thought of her. Hope her little guy likes them too!

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