Monday, November 7, 2011

Make it: Newborn Pants

I recently went through my fabric stash, the one that was hidden under a guest bed in a tupperware bin , that I may or may not have forgotten about and found a bunch of polar fleece that I had left over from a project I did last football season.

I went through my pattern box, and found a pattern that was posted on's website for a basic newborn pant.

Her website has a free PDF pattern for home use--check it out. She has a ton of other tutorials and patterns to share.

These little pants are so simple to make, and use very little fabric. I whipped up 3 pairs of pants in less than 15 minutes. I made 2 pair of polar fleece ( one gray, and one yellow) and 1 shark print pair out of board short material I picked up for $2/yd. at the LA textile mart during my last trip there in October.
Look at those big butts--roomy enough for diapers! And, at a cost breakdown of something like 50 cents per pair, how can I beat that? Not so sure how I like the shark ones now that they are sewn up, but we'll try them out.


  1. AHH! I am panting with LOVE! Adorable! I am so sad that I have no idea how to sew, those are the cutest ever. Also, I LOVE the surfer boy prints!! :-)

  2. LOVE those!! They are absolutely adorable :)