Tuesday, November 15, 2011

He has a face!

We had another MFM appointment today, and as I had hoped, it went well. The boy is weighing in at 3 lb 7 oz. That makes my 4lb weight gain this week not seem so dramatic. That being said, I still probably shouldn't have eaten a donut for breakfast this morning, but it's a surefire way to get the boy on full display for his screen time. And boy was he ever! He wouldn't cooperate for the tech, but as soon as she finished her measurements etc, and took the transducer off my belly, the boy flipped.

Literally, from facing my spine, to facing forward, and NZ stared at my belly in utter amazement and asked, " Does that happen all night?" LOL. Yes, sunshine...it does, hence my 2 a.m. words with friends games from the living room, until he chillaxes a little bit so I can actually lay down without feeling alien-like movement from my insides. I love every minute of it though. A moving baby is a living baby, and that's all that's important to us.

My fedora wearing MFM came in( again, what's with the hat?), and as soon as he put the transducer on my belly, there the boy was, showing his perfect little mugshot... a nose....lips..ears..chin..eyes..mouth...all there. All so baby-like, and REAL.

I have trouble wrapping my head around it some days, after the years we've wanted and tried, and lost, to see ourselves so close to being able to bring a baby home, it's almost surreal. I'm sure the surreal-ness will wear off by about the 3rd diaper change, but for now I am looking forward to continuing to bake this baby until he's ready to make his grand entrance into our family.


  1. Yay! That is a perfect little face, love it!

  2. Hey Brie - Congrats and thanks for the post on my blog. We cloth diaper but we use chinese pre-folds and Thirsties Duo wrap covers. We like the velcro much better than the snap closures. We have a few pocket diapers that we might use at some point but Wren is too little for them right now. We are really happy with pre-folds and snappi's to hold them closed. We like that our whole system is washable (we made our own cloth wipes and solution) and we aren't putting anything in the garbage. We add a piece of fleece inside the pre-fold to wick moisture away from her skin and to serve as a poop catcher - the fleece washes much cleaner than the pre-folds. With the system we use the cover can be reused for a few changes whereas you need a whole new pocket diaper each change. Sorry I don't know much about g-diapers. There are some great review videos on youtube where moms have tried all of the brands and they show how the systems work. Hope that helps!

  3. Sweetest Brie,

    I can promise you this...the surreal'ness doesn't ever wear off ;) I look at Lleyton every day with wonderment and am in awe of our miracle. Then, some days I look at him and just cry, as there are just no words other than I AM GRATEFUL.

    I can't wait to share all these moments with you, as its indescribable :) Sending you hugs and loads of prayers as you journey on to the finish line, which is near!




  5. He is just perfect! What a blessing!! Soooo happy for you both!!!

  6. Aww congratulations brie- he is beautiful!