Saturday, September 24, 2011

TWENTY TWO weeks & an anniversary

How many weeks? 22

How am I feeling? Tired, again. Last week's energy is long gone. And I'm nervous, again. The closer we creep to 25 weeks, the more the nerves set in, even though I am experiencing "good" signs of a normal pregnancy that we never had with the last. Feeling the boy move is my saving grace from insanity every day. If I feel him moving, I know he's alive. I know he's most likely well, and I know we're one day closer to our goal.

Doctor’s Appointment? I saw my endocrinologist ( love him!) on Tuesday. My thyroid panel came back right in line of where we want it to be for the remainder of my pregnancy. My BP seems to have stabilized, and was actually within normal limits at his office, despite being 99/62 in the morning. I follow up with him in 6 weeks for bloodwork, and he will call me to give me the results so I don't have to make the drive to Camarillo to see him. Isn't that nice? Then, I won't see him again till 6 weeks after the boy arrives!

I saw one of the OB's whose been treating me on Thursday, we heard the heartbeat again, and I was told I need to listen to my body and start taking it I guess my switch to part time hours through end of October is right on time.

Workouts? I walked for 20 minutes one night, but started getting tightening and it scared me.(which I told my Ob the next day--and was subsequently told to take it easier, even though occasional contractions after 20 weeks can be somewhat normal. No reason to push myself)

Sleep? Can I have another pillow please? It's totally normal to barricade ones self with pillows, right? Pretty soon NZ will be on the floor or in the guest room if I add any more pillows to our bed.

Weight Gain?
Up 16 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight now! This kid better be a chunk!

Baby Preparation? None


Likes? We went out on Friday night for our 5th Anniversary to Mastro's Steakhouse. I finally got my petite filet that I have been dreaming about since like week 16! And it was good...ohhh so good. It was a wonderful night, good conversation, and great music. It made me feel really special to dine at such a fine place..I mean, are we actually adults now?

Dislikes? The comeback of my anxiety..after last week's Pollyanna attitude, it has been a daily struggle to tell myself that I have no reason to worry right now. I couldn't have gotten better news this week from my Docs, and just because the calendar is creeping towards week 25, I can not compare this pregnancy to my last. I just can't. So many factors have changed, for the better, and I just have to believe that this child WILL make it.

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