Saturday, September 17, 2011

Beatin' up the Beats

It probably doesn't surprise many of my close friends and family, that NZ and I watch the Jersey Shore every Thursday night. It's a train-wreck of a semi-reality show that we just can't keep ourselves from watching. I'm not quite sure what it is about those kids that keeps us enthralled ( could it be Deena and Snookie's all-day pollution followed by a Deena's inability to fully dress herself before heading out to the club and flashing her girl parts? Maybe. Or maybe not. It's a mystery, but for some reason we watch the show, like clockwork).

It's defintiely NOT the music. In fact, also not a surprise to those that know me well, I am far from a fan of the music that the Jersey kids fist pump to. I can't even call it music. It's always been that way for me. The techno/house/trance crap that they call music does nothing but agitate me.


This is why I do not do well in clubs unless I'm completely polluted. If I were to get kidnapped in some foreign country, and tortured, they could skip the water board and just stick me in a room with trance music pumped in.

I think I'd go crazy in 2.2 seconds.

So get this...

Our boy seems to like to beat up the beats like the Jersey kids.

During the past week, NZ have gone on a couple fun outings ( Tuesday night Dodger game and a friend's 30th Birthday at a club last night). Both exposed us to the club/techno/house-ish Dj music. Of course, I got agitated because pregnant girls don't drink ( read above disclaimer..alcohol helps my tolerance of said music) but what happened next is a frick'n mystery.

The boy started fist pump'n in my belly. Like seriously rockin' out full throttle.

Our kid?

Techno junkie?

Is that even possible?

Oh no!

I pretty much only play country music and 80's-90's alternative music in my car. I never get that response from him with my pumped up "Dirt Road Anthem" that I sing ever so loudly to (off key, of course) each time it comes on.

Ah well, he's asserting his individuality early, I suppose.

Perhaps a pair of Bose noise cancelling headphones will be on my registry list so I can use them 13 years from now when he turns our home into a rave.

Keep on rockin' baby boy, you're a guido in the making.


  1. IT could be since you are agitated/stressed he is responding to it, but you never know maybe he does like the music. Liz

  2. ha! Someone over on FB said the same thing, and it hadn't even dawned on me..but I like your answer better (= At least I know if I ever get worried about limited movements I can use Pandora for house music and get him going.

  3. maybe he is like his auntie who doesn't LIKE Country music LOL