Friday, September 2, 2011

NINETEEN weeks..did they or didn't they?

How many weeks? 19 ( only 6 weeks from My next "milestone" of viability!)

How am I feeling? I had two days of headaches this week which put me in bed by 8:30 p.m. Other than that, I feel fine. I think a lack of hydration, low BP and a late night out on Monday night were the culprits.

Doctor’s Appointment? I had an appointment with my OB on Tuesday, where my belly was measured and we heard the heartbeat again (which eased my worry heading into Thursday's ultrasound with my MFM). We finished out the blood work for the quad screen this week, and also had an in depth ultrasound with my MFM to make sure il bambino is growing appropriately, and he was also able to tell us if we are having a boy or girl. We're happy to say, that so far, everything is going well, and we found out that we are expecting a HEALTHY baby weighing 9 oz. at 19 weeks..that's the same weight that Denise weighed due to restricted growth at birth at 26 weeks!.... And, it's a boy. ( Did you really think I could resist finding out?)

Workouts? I'm pretty sure I don't even own gym clothes that fit anymore.

Sleep? Back to the earlier bedtimes this week. I still haven't gotten that surge of energy so many talk about during the second trimester. I have felt tired and run down this entire time, but if it means we're growing a big healthy baby, I'm pretty sure NZ and I will put up with a few more months of un-exciting evenings of Jersey Shore and Top Gear till I pass out.

Weight Gain?
11 lbs since week four. 4 of those lbs being in the last 2 weeks. I say, grow baby grow!

Baby Preparation? Believe it or not, still nothing. However, I made a set of burp cloths for an extended family member who's expecting a boy just weeks before our baby is due. So, my sewing machines are once again OUT, and I might just start sewing some essentials for our baby soon. Maybe, Probably, Or not. Really trying to stick to my "buy nothing before 30 weeks rule" that I have in my head.

Dislikes? Shopping online for maternity dresses/ evening attire. Is Motherhood really the only affordable option out there? I have a weeks worth of business-dinner appropriate attire to put together for the trip I am taking to Canada with NZ. So far, I have ONE outfit, sigh...maybe I will have to get over my anti-maternity store stance and head into that dreaded Motherhood store. I've got a few more weeks till I have to have my wardrobe ready, so if any one has any uncovered treasures (online stores) to share with me, shoot me a message!

Likes? We went to a Dodger game with some of NZ's cousins and their significant others on Monday night, and I got to rock the Dodger tank top I fashioned for myself out of a gray maternity tank and an upcycled Dodger shirt. I have been waiting to wear that tank top to a game for 2 whole years now! I had made it back in 2009 when a couple of my girls and I had plans to go to a game, and I never got to wear it. So, finally getting to wear my Dodger tank with a belly was a significant milestone for me ( I'm a dork, I know!).


  1. re: clothes. I think this is the time to think simple. Find one pair of pants that work great and just change the tops! Gap (sale racks), Old Navy and Target are great for maternity shopping.

  2. The Liz Lange line at Target is great. Most of my fave stuff came from there. Mimi Maternity sometimes has great sales, and has really nice stuff (very $$$ if not on sale though). Gap also has nice stuff if you can get it on sale.


  3. Sooo exciting! Re: maternity clothes, got to hang out with Jenna in Portland and saw maternity stuff by the baby stuff at H&M :)

  4. Motherhood is crazy expensive for what it is and how little you wear it. 95% of my stuff came from Old Navy, Target, and H&M. Also this is a super fun place to shop - especially the sales:

  5. Congrats!!! Boys are the best!!! Happy thoughts with you and Nick!! <3 ya Dirte!

  6. i hate the formal/evening attire that the preggo stores offer. I found some nice semi-fncy stretchy maxi dresses at Macy's. plus, i got a cute pencil black skirt @ motherhood and then paired it with empress waistline shirts from Khols....always a good way to go. Because all the online selections are SOOOO expensive. i had a military BALL to go to and it was a pain finding a dress for less than $200!!

  7. so fun to stay updated via your blog. i agree that old navy/gap has some great essentials, "a pea in the pod" is also great place for some online style: