Sunday, September 18, 2011


[my DIY Steelers cutout applique shirt]
tutorial coming soon!

How many weeks?

How am I feeling? Better this week. A tad bit more energy. In fact, I managed to make it out to a friend's birthday at a local club until 11:30 on Friday night, and we had NZ's bro and sis-in-law & kids over for supper on Saturday night, and I had energy for it all! I admit, I felt sorta like the scene from "Knocked Up" going into a club with a big ol belly and ordering drinks at the bar, but it was a fun night, and we celebrated the Birthday of a super sweet friend.

Doctor’s Appointment? Next week. Endocrinologist for a thyroid and BP check, and then my OB later int he week for a check up.

Workouts? Yes! I can finally answer YES! (Okay, so it was ONLY one morning of 30 minutes walking so that I could catch up on a housewives reunion I taped way back when.)

Sleep? Eh, could be better. Waking up and seeing the numbers on the clock slowly tick by is never fun. 11:30 p.m., awake. 12:10 a.m., awake....2:45 a.m., wide know how it goes.

Weight Gain?
Oh yes. Up 14 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight now! This kid better be a chunk!

Baby Preparation? Talked about the possibility of a baby shower with my sis-in-law, looked at invite ideas..but that's all.


Likes? My new maternity dress I bought for Canada. 90% off of $54.00 at Kohl's...Do the math...that's $5.40! Score!

Dislikes? None. I pretty much like everything that's happening this week. After all, I'm 21 weeks along( which at the beginning of this pregnancy, seemed soooo far away) , feel the baby moving ( which I never really felt with my last pregnancy) and am feeling positive about this baby boy having enough room in my renovated uterus to grow into a real chunk by the time December/January rolls around!


  1. Loving it!! Keep growing, healthy baby boy!

    Also, I love your DIY NFL maternity shirt! Any recommendations on cheap maternity plain Ts?

  2. Target clearance rack. $7.99 for their short sleeved ruched side t shirts. I bought 3 of them, and made this shirt from the white one.

  3. I'm glad everything is going well!