Saturday, September 10, 2011

20 weeks

How many weeks? twenty.

How am I feeling? Run down and tired, very little appetite, although I do wake up with a grumbling stomach..All in all, nothing sounds good to me for lunch and dinner. I am feeling some movement, although not all the time. Mostly at night, after work on the couch, or lying in bed..Does this mean we have a night owl on our hands? And he most definitely lets me know that he does not like when I lie on my right side. Feeling movement has put my mind at ease a little bit more, but I still worry about the boy making it into our arms alive.

Doctor’s Appointment? We have the week off from appointments. Next week too, barring anything unexpected happens.

Workouts? Does thinking about working out count for anything? I should just remove this question and replace it with a better one. I did a funny comparison of my abs circa 2006 and now (= That's quite a difference, and am I ever excited to grow a belly.

Sleep? Wish I could get more. My dreams have been waking me up in a panic this week. Guess my imagination is in overdrive. Last night's dream had me drinking beer and then remembering I was pregnant and shouldn't have drank beers, while out riding dirt bikes ( me on a dirt bike? in the dirt? that really was a dream!) haha. Thank God it was only a dream.

Weight Gain?
Didn't weigh myself this week. I'll leave that to the professionals.

Baby Preparation? Ehhhh, maybe just a little..Anyone see the four onesies I accidentally made for the boy? Are they super stylish or what? Who wouldn't love a little "Italian Stallion"?


Likes? Simply Lemonade and Limeade drinks. Watered down 50/50. (Thanks for raising me that way mom!). Cereal. Any type. Eggs. And, that's about it. I have had no appetite lately. My fruit fetish from a couple weeks ago went MIA about a day after I restocked our fruit bowl. Go figure.

Dislikes? Up until this week, those who asked " Don't you feel anything yet?". Uhm, yeah, thanks for freaking me out making me think I was abnormal for not feeling things sooner, even though my MFM doc told me that sometimes women don't feel anything until 24-25 weeks. For some reason, I let those questions increase my anxiety to a level I didn't know I had. So, baby, thank you for finally letting me know you're in there alive and kicking. I can finally answer with a definite "yes".


  1. Yea for movement! I love your bump pictures with the cute!

    I enjoyed fruit through the first trimester...bananas in much, an elderly co-worker started referring to Cameron as "the banana baby"! haha!

    Halfway there! So excited for you!

  2. Love both pictures (for different reasons - I loved your physique as a competitor), but more than anything I LOVE your smile in that picture with your growing belly!!

    And I think it's quite common to feel movement at night when you are lying... mostly because movement during the day may help your baby to sleep, and you are often busy that you may not notice movement. As the little kicks get stronger, you'll probably feel them during the day as well.

  3. You are so freaking adorable!! Congrats on the halfway mark!

  4. i love the before and after pic! BOTH OF THEM!