Monday, December 20, 2010

Holly Jolly Memory game

Here's a little "Holly-Jolly" memory game I made my three-and-a-half year old nephew for a little Christmas fun. He's become such a pro at our color matching mini-memory game (link to previous post here) that I decided to make him one for the holidays and challenge that noggin of his a bit more with matching holiday images & words instead of colors.
A while back I picked up some wooden disks at Michael's and found a pack of stickers at Target that included 2 sheets of Holiday "seals" which, to me, are stickers, right? I suppose "seal" sounds more fancy, but whatever, they work for this project perfectly.
I applied my stickers to the disks, and then modge podged them to seal the sticker on the disk and give them a little more durability.
The travel-box that they are contained in is none other than an Altoids tin, spray painted white.
These little games are so easy and fun to make..even if you are not crafty as so many of my readers claim to be..try it, you just might see how EASY this is..and if you are a parent...this is a great interactive activity to play with your kids!

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