Saturday, December 4, 2010

Let it glitter..let it glitter..let it glitter

I've found myself in a crafting mood this weekend.. This past week had a couple craptastic days sprinkled in amongst some average ones, so I found myself wanting to hole up in the house this weekend and craft my little heart out. Crafting has always been my go-to..some people eat to soothe, some people drink for comfort...I workout and craft when I get stressed.
(Haha, Isn't that just aweful?!)

So, I found this awesome download on Thursday on eighteen25, and immediately printed out their subway Christmas print and popped it in an existing frame. Easy, peasy...FREE!!!!!!!!

I also happen to have a Dollar Tree store just a hop-skip-and a jump away from where we live ( and unfortunately, I am way to pumped about it for the simple fact that when I just can't hold out any longer, I can run over and buy up a bunch of pregnancy tests to bring home and torture my impatient self with..So far, they've let me down, but if I didn't have the Dollar Tree, I'd send my husband and I into debt with the cost of those bad boys. Seriously, First Response..$20 for one test?) I digress...I love the Dollar Tree because they have lots of craft supplies on the cheap.

My Dollar Store Craft of the Day? Inspired by these trees seen on eighteen25

{photo: eighteen25's glitter trees}

Glitterific Trees on top of spraypainted candlesticks...For a whopping grand total of $3

And as a special treat, I'll let you see where the magic happens...the inside scoop on where all this crafting goes down...Ladies and gents, my craftroom for the day....

...are you ready....

..don't be jealous......

...Here it is....

Yes, this is our backyard...and yes, those are bags of rocks I'm using as sawhorses.

Glamourous, right?


  1. Wow Brie - everything came out fantastic! I can barely get my house decorated once - nevermind add holiday cheer. I think you have inspired me though to give it a shot!

  2. ok. I loveeeeeee those! fantastic job after a craptastic week sis!

    Thank God we were both blessed with the crafty genes from both sides of our family.... very thankful for that!


  3. Love, love it all....great job and time well spent.

  4. These are all great ideas Brie!! Love em!

  5. Love the trees and the picture. I also Love the dollar tree! LoL! HUGS<3