Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Cards

My sister and I usually get together for a craft weekend in late October ( our husbands usually have business travels or car races around that time of year..which leaves us with an entire weekend to craft and ignore our normal wifely duties). Both my sister and I love being wives, both of us work, but I think that if given the opportunity, we'd make some pretty kick ass stay-at-home housewives. You know, the kind that vacuum and mop every single day, the kind that iron their bed linens and have a fully prepared dinner on the table when the Mr. gets home from work. Our mama raised us right. So don't get me wrong, we love doting on our homes and our husbands, but there is something so grand about a weekend of crafting minus our normal responsibilities.

And this year, we missed the window of opportunity.

So, instead of a weekend of brainstorming and creating my yearly family photo calendars and cards, I had a stack of cardstock and no creative juices flowing what-so-ever. My sister has every craft supply known to man, and a multitude of craft and cardmaking magazines to draw inspiration from...
me....not so much.

As you can see, this weekend was a self-made craft-fest, and I finally settled down and made some Holiday cards. I'm a huge Mad Men fan, and all things mid-century so this cute little silhouette that I found of a man and wife and their kitty ( yes, our kitty Beaver is still alive and kicking) was right up my alley. I especially love how she is wearing a dress and heels to adorn her tree. So classy. I added a little playful retro font thanks to Picnik photo editing that wishes our friends and family to "Have a Swell Holiday". Isn't the word swell, so kitschy? All I did was upload the photo to Picnik's site, added the text and printed directly onto my cardstock. Fold, stuff and mail!
Anyhow, they aren't my fanciest cards to date, but they're done.
....if I could just get my butt in gear to address and mail them all before December 25th!


  1. boo.. I missed our opportunity too. Not sure where it went or how we missed it. I mailed my cards out Sunday.. definitely not as fun as doing them together.

    And the family photo calendar.. Mr Costco did them for me this year.. I ran out of time.

    Love you & can't wait to see your card in person!

  2. Swell was a word used in the 50's...Boo, I do think you would have had a swell time growing up in the 1950's or even being a housewife of the 50's. Great job! You two put me to shame with all the crafting you do....keep it up