Monday, December 27, 2010

Super Hero Capes

Check out the Puking Pastille's blog for the FREE superhero cape tutorial. I made one for each of my nephews and used the first intial of their first name as part of their alter ego logo. The logos are easy to make. Just iron on fusible webbing to fabric, cut out the design ( cut letters out backwards) and iron-on. For the closure, I used a small velcro tab on each cape.
The red cape is approximately 20" long from neck to bottom, and the navy cape was scaled down to approximately 16" long since it was made for a younger child.


  1. love these too....and so special once again to have their initial on it since they are both Super heroes.

  2. you have become such a crafter blogger!!! I paid $20 for one these for my nephew! (and he didn't care one bit... trucks are way cooler, apparently).