Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The curtain

I'm hoping that some day in the future, that Nick and I can re-create this photo with our own kids on Christmas morning.

{NZ, OZ & MZ: circa 1983}
You see, the house we live in is all of 6 houses away from the one he grew up in as a kid. How they fit 5 children and two adults under a roof this size is still a mystery, but none-the-less, Nick is quite familar with our floor plan because our house is exactly the same as his childhood home...ahhhh, tract housing..LOVE it! Apparently, on Christmas morning, Santa put up a big sheet at the end of the hallway, which blocks off the view to the living room...and all the presents.

I love this idea. I love this picture. Christmas morning, jammies, and little wheels turning wondering what Santa delivered the night before..and as a parent, I can't imagine how cool it will be to watch our kids tear through the curtain and rip open their gifts from Santa.

I look forward to that magic. Someday.

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  1. Brie,

    Hold on to those sweet thoughts, as you WILL feel this "magic". Praying for you and your hubby and keeping you close in thought.

    Many HUGS, much love and Merry Christmas