Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mini-Memory Game

I recently gave new life to our bathroom vanity drawers with the help of pretty wrapping paper from Border's (purchased for $1.99 a sheet with a gift card, yay!). I cut out the paper to fit the drawers, but needed ModPodge to seal it. It only took a few weeks for me to get to Michael's crafts to buy some, but before I did, I wanted to research what type of Mod Podge to use. A quick google search for Mod Podge and I ran across this website, Mod Podge Rocks. What an awesome website with soooo many ideas..I found a link to a minature memory game made by Dandee designs, and decided that it would be the perfect stocking stuffer for a few little ones in our lives. Not to mention, I'd have another reason to buy Mod Podge other than to seal our drawers.
Supplies for the mini-memory game:
ModPodge Gloss Finish
sponge brush
6 colors of solid color scrapbooking paper ( I used scraps)
patterned scrapbook paper ( again, I used scraps)
1.5" diameter wooden discs ( 12 needed per game)
1" circle punch


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  2. Brie,

    Just checking in on you and wishing you success...let me know how things go this week :) I started Clomid for the first time last night. Today, I have a mild headache, but that is about it. I'm praying the other side effects stay away! Did you have headaches? You can email me or write on my blog.

    Sending baby dust your way!

  3. I want to see the bathroom project too!
    Have fun...this sounds like a great project.
    Your one and only mah!

  4. So cute ! I should have you make one for Ruby Roo for her Bday this month

  5. I have one to give her. I made a boy version for my favorite lil 3 year old, and I have a girl left over.