Thursday, November 18, 2010

On my doorstep

We had a note from UPS on our doorstep earlier this week, indicating that they had a delivery for us, which would need to be signed for by persons over the age of 21. Nick and I looked at each other and wondered which one of us ordered something and forgot about it..What on earth could it be?

So, today, after a horrendous workday ( my own fault, no one else's..damn hormones!), I schleped myself over to the UPS station and signed for our package.

I looked at the box to see if it indicated who it was for.

Nick & Brie Zentil

Hmm..okay, so it obviously wasn't something either of us ordered, but who could it be from?

I opened it up, while in the UPS lot ( I am impatient, if you didn't already know!) and smiled for the first time today.

Inside the box was a bottle of GUFO wine, and a wonderful little note from my dad's cousin & his wife. They have a vineyard in the Santa Cruz mountains and they sent us a bottle of their Pinot to share with our family on Thanksgiving since they heard that Nick and I are hosting this year.
How sweet is that?

Tonight, I am thankful for my family and it's deep roots.


  1. Ross and Susie are just amazing people...sure warms my heart to see such generosity and I'm sure the wine will be enjoyed.

  2. Oh how thoughtful! And how incredibly intresting that you all have family with a winery. Love that!

    Brie, have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family :)

    Keeping you close in thought and prayer