Saturday, August 28, 2010

P90x: Week ONE

I'm one week into the P90x series, but have yet to finish the 11 dvd workouts. I have 2 more to go, which I will do tonight ( if I can walk..more about that later) and tomorrow night.

So far, I love it. In a turbulent relationship kind of love. I find myself swearing at the TV, but then turn to those around me and profess my love for it. There is a figure pro, Monica Brandt who sold t shirts for a while with " No LEG HURT, no short skirt", ain't that the truth. I'm sure she sold a bunch of em. I'm that kind of girl--I need to feel the burn and break a sweat to feel like I really got a workout.

Let's just say that I have been feeling the burn so much, that I can not finish all the workouts yet. I've paused the TV to catch my breath, rallied up a few more exercises and reps, and still somehow manage to be completely worn to the point of exhaustion by not just one workout ( Plyometrics) but two! Believe it or not, the Yoga workout was unfinishable by yours truly, the ex-gymnast who would like to think I still have a little bit of flexibility goin' on. Uhm, yeah, not so much. I like that I can't finish the workouts yet. It gives me motivation to keep pushing and better my efforts next time. I have to admit though, I was quite perplexed that yoga could be so difficult. I have a whole new respect to Yogies out there. And for the record, I am still sore from doing warrior poses 4 days after the fact.

Tonight is Kenpo, which I can't say I am entirely excited about...but I will try it, who knows, I might like it.

I've kept my cardio at 4 days of walking on my BTF ( Best treadmill-friend forever) for about 30 minutes each session. It gives me an excuse to watch Jersey Shore and Teen mom re-runs.

As far as physical changes...hard to say. I am super critical, so I don't see any yet, but I did measurements on Tuesday and continue to take them weekly to see how they change, if at all. I'm not worried about my weight, so no digits to divulge there. All I want it to be fit- and feel good. That's a much better benchmark for success than a stupid little number.

Are there any other P90xer's out there?


  1. WooHoo! Go Brie! Not a P90x-er yet but maybe one day;O)

  2. Brie,

    I've been doing them on and off for a few months (need to do them more often :)), but I love them. Plyo is one of my favorites, but totally kicks my butt. It's kind of a love-hate relationship. Hope you like them...

    Angie (Spurgeon) Campanello

  3. Hey Brie (friend of Stephanie's here),

    Stephanie told me you had just started this and I thought I'd drop a line...

    I am a Team Beachbody Coach and have Insanity, ChaLean Extreme, TurboFire and am ordering P90X on Thursday...
    I have multiple friends that have used it and I have seen some results with the other products (when I stick to it), so I am looking forward to P90X!
    I do reccomend the After Workout drink if you don't use it already, it does help alot! I use it after any workouts I do (bike ride, hockey, etc).
    Let me know what you think or if you want a couple packs of the drink to try before you buy! I can get it to Stephanie to get to you :
    Or my blog (just starting)