Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gots to have some

Does anyone else follow the Young House Love blog?
It's a wonderful blog written by newlywed first-time parents in a new "old" home. The blog has a bunch of DIY projects, tips and pointers, and I am in love with pretty much everything they have done.

I've also found a " gots to have some" item, which they've posted about a few times, but I never knew where to purchase them before. They're magnetic Wallflowers, sold in sets of 25 from Chiasso. What a super cool addition to the walls. Here's a link to how John & Sherry used them ( not to mention the swell idea to paint the wall with magnetic paint). I think I need some.


  1. Happy Thursday Brie! Going to check out this blog :)


  2. If you paint the walls with magnetic, You could make your own with my Big Shot Die cutter!! how fun would that be? patterned paper.. whooaaaa the possiblities are endless.. let me at it!

  3. Watch out Nick! I see Brie's creative juices cooking over the next couple of months here.
    oh la la

  4. Oh my goodness I am in love with that blog and the amazing stuff they have done! Thanks for sharing!!