Thursday, August 19, 2010

Give it your best, and forget the rest

Anyone who has tried the P90x workout DVD's should be familar with the title of this post. It's the catch phrase used by Tony Horton as he leads you through an hour of torture ( did I just say torture, uhm, I meant an hour of muscle burning fun!). Someone at NZ's work offered us the DVD set, and having seen the infomercial umpteen million times during my early a.m. treadmill sessions, I have dreamed about purchasing it more than a time or two..But at $120 for the set, I've had to remind myself that I do have a gym membership, and it does need to get used..So, I put purchasing P90x on hold... Now, if someone is giving it away? For FREE? I'm there! Lucky me.

I've always been active. I grew up watching mom go to jazzercize, run & play tennis..and I myself was a competitive gymnast into my college years ( goooo Ags!). After gymnastics, I got into cardio. Cardio, cardio, cardio and more cardio...and not bueno..and then I met NZ, he introduced me to the weight rack. It wasn't love at first dumbell-curl, but I did start to see changes in my physique and thought it was pretty dang cool.

From there, my determination to look like a fitness magazine cover got me into training for figure competitions, in which I trained for 12 weeks (weights and tons of cardio) and ate pre-portioned meals every 3-4 hours...Then I glued myself into an itsy bitsy bikini with rhinestones, a pair of lucite heels and got up on stage with a bunch of other women in my height class. While up on stage, the judges critique your physique, looking for symmetry, muscular development and an overall "look". To many, this would be their biggest nightmare. You know, the unforgiving stage lights shining down on your exposed body in a swimsuit smaller than a bandaid... But, to those of us who had put forth 12 weeks of hard work, and commitment to sticking with the meal plan, it was Heaven.
{2007 Contra Costa Show- 1st place A class}
Attaining a goal is an undescribable feeling. Setting out to do something, and making it happen. It is really just the best! I like things that are in my control, and training for fitness shows was something that I had control over, so it was definitely my cup of tea.
{My abs, circa 2006}

Why'd I go off on a tangent about figure competitions?

Because.... I have missed my fitness goals. This whole starting a family thing has really been quite a challenge and has put me on a long winding detour that feels so far removed from my "training-for-a-show" days. In the time that we've been trying to have one, some of my competitors have popped babies out and gotten back on stage the next year. I'm in awe of them. I am not sure when I will step back on stage, but I do know that long term, it is still something I want to do. Just gotta have babies first.

After some thought, I have decided to take a mental break from the stresses I put upon myself and take the next 8 weeks to give myself a chance to fulfill my fitness goal needs. During that time, I plan on giving the P90x challenge my total commitment. I want to see if it really does work! I'll give it my best and forget the rest!

I will try to remember to report weekly or bi-weekly on the workouts, and my experience with them. I have done the first two discs in the past 24 hours and I am s-m-o-k-e-d. Definitely NOT a walk in the park.

Not sure if I will be gutsy enought to post photos, but who knows, crazier things have happened, like getting up on stage in a bikini, right?


  1. I can't wait to see how it's working out for you;o) I'm loving those abs and hopefully one day i can get them;o) But as you said this baby track puts you off some goals. I am sending you hugs and wishing you the best ;o)

  2. Girlfriend! You rock those abs! Who am I kidding, you rock the whole package! P 90x will be a cinch for you having already done the fitness pageant. Good for you to decide to do this during your break. Take care of youself and just indulge in "you".

    Many HUGS

    ps My trainers prgram for me is basically the P 90x and it kicks my butt! I'm just sad that I am benched right now due to back problems, but am loving my YOGA class :)

  3. Brie, this is awesome! I think a mental break is exactly what you need, especially since I'm a believer in good things coming to those who least expect it...
    ...and I *love* reading about working out at work, so I am looking forward to your P90X posts!

  4. Hey Brie. This is Val...from Ana's old board. We did our first shows together. :) I have been thinking of you. I hope you are well and I have been meaning to email something that you might be interested in since you have a gymnastics bacground. Pole Dancing. Yep check out this link. Amazing stuff. Alot of the amazing girls have a gymnastics background.

    Email me. Would love to hear from you

    Take care,
    Val :)