Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Him vs Her

I should really start a blog, simply titled, " $hitmyhusbandsays.com " to chronicle the many exchanges we have. Most are comical. Most would only drive the fact home that we are geeks.
There, I said it. Geek-Love, got some?

We had an exchange last week which I will call "Him vs Her" and the premise behind this exchange was his discovery of a newly placed framed piece of art ( A framed vintage Coppertone girl ad) on one of the ledge shelves in our living room. For the record: It had been there for a couple weeks before he noticed it.

NZ: (looking at the shelves behind our sofa): "How'd that picture get up there?"

Me: " It's been up there a couple weeks, I moved it from one room to another because it goes with my theme out here."

NZ: " I liked it better with just that vase up there."

Me: " But it's my shelf. I got it for Christmas."

NZ: " No you didn't, I bought it. I should have a say in what goes on it"

Me: " No, I got one for Christmas and bought the other one with Christmas money, boo-yah!"

NZ: " I'll buy it off you."

This conversation is probably not so funny if you don't know Nick and his minimalist attitude. He clearly preferred the previous arrangement of a single vase on a 3 foot long shelf, whereas his blushing bride prefered to have the vase and the framed picture on it.

She won.

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  1. Cute! I laughed at his bartering technique :) Did I tell you that I am married to a Nich too?