Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Love you forever

"I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living,
My baby you'll be"
-Robert Munsch " I'll love you forever

Since it has been quite some time since our loss, I am always caught off guard (in a good way, of course) when a friend remembers that some of my days may still be rough. I've been pleasantly surprised with the memory of our little girl living on in someone else's mind twice in the recent month.

One of my BFF's who has been ever so patient with me, sent me a photo of a butterfly she released at an infant loss memorial held at a local hospital where she lives in Portland. It made my day.

Another one of my "rocks" gave me a penant necklace with the letter "D" inscribed on it. A friend of hers gave her one when she had her son, and she thought enough to get one for me in memory of Denise.

I don't need to have any blazing signs on me screaming "REMEMBER MY DEAD BABY, DAMMIT!", but this necklace and the ring that my sunshine gave me are just enough for me to look down at them and know that I have a little something to remember her by. Most people would never know why I wear the ring I wear, nor would they know that "D" is not a living child or my first initial.Subtlety rocks.

Let's face it. My friends and family rock.

Love them forever.

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  1. My grandmother used to quote this little poem to me :)

    How thoughtful of your friends to send you such sweet tokens to remember Denise. I have a couple of necklaces that I wear in Christian's honor and as you say, no one knows what they are for...but I do :)

    Hope that you are doing well and know that I send you love and prayers for a good rest of the week.