Monday, October 19, 2009

Keep those Singers rockin'

Keep those Singer (Kenmore..or whatever you've got) sewing machines....rocking!

I arrived home to a box of pink and blue polka dotted blankets from S. today. I did a little happy dance, complete with the cabbage patch moves...Really! I mean, I remember our little girl every single day..multiple times...and the logical part of me understands that I am probably the only one who thinks about her as often as I do... I know that others think about her from time to time, but I wouldn't expect them to have the daily wonderisms that I do.
This weekend was 5 months since we said hello, and goodbye.

And 5 months of putting one foot in front of the other.
Take one step, then take another..Keep on movin..Movin' in the right direction. ( courtesy of George Strait)
Organizing this blanket donation has helped me feel like I am doing something to help others in memory of my daughter. It's given me something to do, and lets me think about her every day without feeling guilty...I can smile when I think of her, and hope that her mama's making her proud.
Thank you to everyone who has taken the time out to help. Blankets, phone calls, texts, e-mails...I'm always touched by those who are sharing in this walk along side me.

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  1. It's a great thing you are doing sis. I'll bring mine & grams down in a few weeks.