Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fit for a Queen

Some of you internetters out there may recall my all important and agonizing decision over the bedding for baby Z ( which, by the way, I still adore and have saved for our next shot at love). For some reason, I am the kind of girl who can pass up the fashion fads and settle for non-designer stuff for the most part, but in terms of linens and housewares, I am a Pottery Barn lover.

We haven't had time to plant the money tree yet, so I improvise when I can, and splurge when there is no substitute. I'll scour the catalog and figure out how to make my favorite pieces myself. There was a time in my life that I would cut out "roomscapes" and catalog them in a binder ( sorry honey! I'm a planner). I think those got tossed during one of NZ and my simplifying days. Neither one of us like clutter, so after a while, pretty much everything goes..unless it's necessity.

Anyways, we recently upgraded our bedroom. A new mattress after hmmm...I'd estimate at least 10 years, if not more. All I know is he had it when I met him, and he had had it a while before, yeah, it was DEFINTELY time to get a new one..a bigger one, thank you very much. That extra 5 inches of real estate makes a difference!

Super excited about finally having a nice bedroom set, yet still working with the as-purchased room ( popcorn ceiling, sconce lighting, maroon/rose swirly carpet and one blue wall)..I have been having a time of times trying to find bedding that "works", and will continue to work once our bedroom is remodeled.
Yesterday while shopping with my sissy, a fabric caught my eye. I came home and couldn't get that print off my mind. It was calling me LOL. And wham! Just like that, this morning, I thought to myself...that's it!!!
I'll make a DUVET COVER!!

So, today I decided to head back to the fabric store and see if they had enough to make a Duvet cover for our new bed. I was in luck..bought it, came home, found a coordinating sheet we already owned for the backside ( reversible is good) and went to town measuring, pinning, ironing and sewing. 45 minutes later, we have a new Duvet as nice as Pottery Barn, at Walmart prices. I love the happy colors and they coordinate everything from our rose/maroon carpet, to my favorite accent color ( granny smith apple green) to our bathroom towels!

Definitely fit for a Queen ..bed, that is. I still have to share it with my King (=

FYI- 4.75 yd is enough to make one side of a Queen Duvet. I cheated and used a Queen size sheet in a coordinating print on the backside.
Total Cost: $28.
Something similar at Pottery Barn: $170 +

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