Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Great Wall of Zentil


PROGRESS: October 2009

MORE PROGRESS: October 24th

NZ posted pics of the progress on his facebook page last weekend, and our friend John labeled it the "Great Wall of Zentil" and he isn't too far from the truth! This thing has turned into quite the project, and the blocks we had delivered in August are now all used up. We need more!!!

So, until a new delivery is made, we're in a holding pattern. About 3/4 of the way done...all in a days work!

NZ, our neighbor and a couple of laborers worked on it last weekend from sun-up to almost sundown...non-stop.


I'm super duper excited to see the dirt pile dissapear so that the true magnitude of the yard size can be fully appreciated. Right now that pile o' dirt cuts the yard in half. The other super cool thing that they executive decision by my 'ol man, was to cut in and terrace the edges...which means..I can plant my poppies in there!

The guys are talking about other crawler plants to plant between the stones, but the only thing I am jazzed about are my poppies. Oh how I love California Poppies.

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