Tuesday, October 20, 2009

6 months later..

6 months from the start....I finally finished my nephew's Quiet Book.
Scroll back to some of my April/May posts and you'll see the beginning of my project...Well, those photos were as far as I got. After losing the baby, I went through a funk of not wanting to do anything that I found enjoyable..(ie. Sewing/Baking/Crafting).

Well, the love is back. My sewing machine hasn't left our dining room since mid September, and it's not because I am too lazy to pack it up and store it away...it's actually getting regular use! I'm against using the dining room table as a catch all, it drives me nuts to have magazines, papers, keys, wallets, purses and the like put there as a resting place. Dining room tables are to be eaten at, and that is all. Unless, of course, I need to sew. Then....and exception is made. I'll bend the rules for myself (=

Anyhow, I am once again doing a happy dance tonight. I managed to tackle the hardest part of my Quiet Book assembly. I punched grommets through each page, and threaded them through extra large Key ring clips, and then carefully threaded them through a binding I made out of handmade bias tape. Phew!

I'm sure it will take him 0.6 seconds to destroy it, but I reinforced every seam and sew- on item that I could.

So, in case his mama reads my blog, I'm only giving a sneak peak so that she too can be surprised come Christmas time. For a while there it was looking like it was going to be a 3rd Birthday present more than a Christmas present, but in a clutch performace, I pulled it off.

Now if only the Dodgers could pull off a performance of that magnitude, they'd beat Philly.

A girl can hope!

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