Wednesday, July 22, 2009


With two upcoming events worthy of a bikini, I've been trying to mind the sweet tooth and I've been fairly successful up until about an hour ago.

Temptation the form of our 11 year old neighbor, Sophie, and one of her summer cooking projects.

Bite size chocolately marshmallowy goodness.

I've got a word for it..Two, actually...


Doesn't she know that today marked my return to the weight room in Lord knows how many months ( well, actually, I do..but am embarassed to admit how long it's actually been).

In all reality, I haven't had a serious gym venture since December of last year. I've been chomping at the bit waiting for my M.D. to clear me to work out after having the longest post partum issues EVER. I got the go ahead on treadmill walks a few weeks back, and you bet your britches I have logged some miles on that machine ever since..In moderation, of course ( have to say that to make my mah happy). But now that I'm doing better, I'm allowed back in the gym...and it feels soooooo good! I killed my legs today and will most likely be doing the duck waddle tomorrow.

And wouldn't you know, the DIET SABOTAGE is now sitting on my counter, screaming my name, saying " Eat me! Eat me! Sophie made us just for you!"..I don't even have my ol man to help me out since he's getting his free Manny Bobble head at tonight's Dodger game..GO BLUE!!!!

I've got a couple options, and neither are really winners..but I never claimed to be a logical thinker.
#1- I could taste one and then throw the rest in the outside garbage where they can not be reclaimed...nor would NZ ever miss them because he wouldn't know they ever existed..


#2- I could leave them on the counter and turn off the light..You know, pretend they aren't there...and then come tomorrow morning, NZ will see them and know that they exist and I will be faced with what to do with them..Can I consider chocolatey marshmallowy goodness as Breakfast?? Which, inevitably, at that point, I'll pull a #1 minus the eating one part and trash them, thus subjecting me to NZ's jokes about how much food I throw away. I do it all the time..because I have NO WILLPOWER.

Ahh, decisions, decisions...

Life is great, beer is good, and people are crazy. I should know, I'm one of them.

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  1. I applaud anyone who has the willpower to throw away dessert. I can eat any dessert, even dessert I don't love, or really like much, just because it is dessert. I would LOVE to be able to throw dessert away in order not to eat it. That would be a good problem to have! Maybe I should ask my husband to throw away the dessert when I'm not looking -- that's the only chance of that happening at our house! Anyway, I vote eat one or two (they look teeny and tasty), save a few for NZ if he'd want some, and throw the rest away. =) Then everyone's happy!