Wednesday, July 15, 2009


It's one thing to set a record, but another to make a poor decision.
I just read that the woman who set the World Record as the oldest woman to give birth at age 66, has passed away at 69 years old. Sure, medicine is great, but when does it go too far, leaving ethics behind?

As a woman who wants to be a mom, I understand the internal NEED to nurture, and to want babies of your own..however, you also have to weigh the consequences of your actions. How on earth did she ( or her Doctors) think that this was a good idea?

Bringing a child ( and even worse,TWO!) into this world at age 66 was poor judgement.

These children have been cheated out of knowing their mother. Even had she lived another 20 years, having an 86 year old mother when you are 20 would just plain SUCK. I wish that people who undergo fertility treatments under unusual circumstances ( ie. Nadya Suleman, having a houseful to begin with, no job..and need I go on???? and the "world's oldest mom") would think about the kids..not themselves and an immediate need to have babies.

I know we live in the USA, and freedom of choice is what we're all about, but in some cases, I wish there were regulations or "ethics police" out there to stop stuff like this from happening.

All I can think of are her two young children..the years ahead, and how they will cope with never knowing their mother. For the sake of the children, I hope that they're placed with a family full of love, and the means and abilities to keep up with them as they grow.

And if they can't find anyone to take them...I've got room, energy and love for two. Send em on over.

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  1. I totally agree with you. They can't be of sound mind to make decisions like that.