Thursday, July 2, 2009

D.O.M. status

I'm sitting at my desk this afternoon, checking out one of our patients who happens to be an older man..As I was trying to arrange his next appointment with him, he looks down at me and says,

"I bet you have a tough time getting people to look you in the eyes, lookin' like that."

Me: " Huh? I don't understand."

Patient: " I knew you wouldn't get it..My wife says the same thing, and she's built like you."
and if the comment isn't bad enough, he then proceeds to cup his pretend boobies so I get "the picture".

Me: " Have a nice day Mr. A..We'll see you in a few weeks".

I had to totally let that one fly even though I "got it". He means no harm, but OMG, he just officially earned himself D.O.M. status. D.O.M. stands for Dirty Old Man, for all the slow folks out there in internet land.

Note to self, wear a parka next time he has an appointment.