Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ladies first

During a lunchtime jaunt today,I decided to go "ROSSing", as in, poking around the local ROSS store looking for whatever unnecessary bargains catch my eye. My co-worker and I have turned our lunch hour trips to ROSS into a verb..

As in, " I'm going ROSSing at lunch..I'll let you know if there is anything good there."

If whoever had the first lunch that day saw something good, we'd report back to one another as to whether or not it was worth wasting time over there or not...If it sucked, one of us would usually end up scoping out Marshall's on another day's lunch hour...but Marshall's is like Banana Republic is compared to Old Navy...a bit pricier on the 'ol bargain bins (=

Anyhow, I went ROSSing today during lunch and found nothing..nada...zilch..which is usually how my ROSSing trips end up..it's just fun to waste time in there..

On my way out of the store, past the security guard (btw..why have a security guard at a discount store???Uhm, do they suppose the clientale of ROSS are more prone to shoplifting? Profiling, I tell ya! LOL), I see a family coming towards the out door. Realizing they are coming in the wrong direction, I try to rush towards the door and get out before they have a chance to come through..as to prove a point that IN means IN, and OUT means OUT...but did they get it??Nooooooo, of course not.

To make matters worse, after mom, grandma and 3 little kids come in the OUT door, dad or grandpa then pushes his way through...MY DOOR!

I halfway expected him to stop and realize that maybe just maybe, going in the OUT door was not a good idea, and maybe, just maybe, he would be a gentleman and hold it open for me, because last time I checked, the saying goes, "Ladies, first..."

But then again, what was I expecting, he's not exactly a rule follower if he's walking IN the OUT door, now is he?

I suppose I am spoiled by NZ, because someone taught him how to treat a lady right... He could teach that old man a lesson or two.

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