Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sink or float?

The dog days of summer are loooong.

Wuxi sunrise happens at 5:14am. That's early.

You know who else rises at 5:14am?

This girl.

I'm not complaining because she does sleep through most nights from 7:30pm to sunrise, but I'm looking forward to the later sunrises and cooler weather that autumn will bring. If I could fast forward through China's summers, I would-- and I wouldn't even feel bad about it. 

Not one bit. 

In an attempt to keep Sal from parking himself in front of the tv for Paw Patrol/Team Umizoomi/ Dora /Diego/ Mighty Machines, I've been channeling my inner preschool teacher and trying some simple activities with him. I know its hot out, but he can't watch tv all day to pass the summer away. 

Because seriously, if allowed, he would totally watch tv 24/7. I'm cool with tv time--but watch too much tv and your brain will rot, right?

Our latest activity has been "sink or float". 

I filled a clear rice container with water and gathered some items we had around the house. My collections included a coin, Duplo block, matchbox car, balsa wood peg, house key, golf ball, ping pong ball, Pom Pom, wooden block, rock & sponge.

We sat next to the tub, and I demonstrated the difference between an item floating on top, or sinking below.  I suggested he choose an item and test it to see whether it sinks to the bottom, under the water, or floats on top, above the water. He guessed that everything would sink, but that's okay! He's 2.5, and the exposure to this kind of experimenting is enough. He played with dropping things in from various heights and even though all of his predictions were that things would sink, he did shout out with excitement when some items actually floated. 

After a while of experimenting together, I retreated to the air conditioned living room, and he sat on our patio plunking items in and taking them out over and over. I overheard his chatter while playing, and he was still using the words "oh you sinked! The rock sinked" or "it's foating. The sfunge (sponge) is foating". 

I honestly think that kids learn best through play. I especially like activities that can be teacher/parent led, but also allow for children to experiment on their own without help. I feel like this activity is a wonderful way to introduce science and related vocabulary with toddlers. I also really just love the way Sal says, "mama, I have an idea. Let's do a speramin (experiment)".

I mean, how can I resist this kid?

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  1. Let's do a speramin. OH my heart. What a great idea and how flipping cute is he... I mean.