Saturday, July 12, 2014

Honey farm

NZ and Sal took a little field trip with friends today. 

They started the morning off with breakfast out, and then drove to a honey farm. Not totally sure about the safety of a honey farm and a five month old's exposure to it, I chickened out on sending Carla with them and kept her home for a girls day. Well, she napped much of the day, and I attempted to sew--but my machine broke-so, I cleaned. Fun stuff, I tell ya. 

NZ said that the honey farm was basically just a little roadside bunch of boxes with a beekeeper tending to them. Sal had fun picking up sticks and rocks and such, while the guys purchased honey from the keeper. 

Perhaps the most impressive thing was that the beekeeper had his netted hood on, but kept the cover opened over his face and didn't wear gloves. That's one tough (or foolish) bee keeper!

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