Saturday, July 12, 2014

Carla is 6 months old

When they say time flies with kids, they aren't kidding!

It's been six months since Carla joined our family. Six whole months! A half a year! 

          [ okay mama, I'll hold still if I can have Sal's kitty cat]

It's mind boggling where time has gone. 

I want it to slow down. 

Well, no. I don't, actually. I want some aspects to speed up, but when it comes to my kids growing up, I'd like it to go a little slower. 

I feel like I haven't been prepared for her to reach the milestones she's reached at the rate she is reaching them. In my mind, she's still an itty bitty newborn. In reality, she's a full fledged baby that is already asserting her independence and not needing mama so much. 

In the past month, Carla has started taking bottles (she can almost hold it herself), scooting and laughing out loud. Oh, and she can make some awesome raspberry sounds with her mouth as spit shoots out. It's cuter than it sounds, I promise. 

                          [ "I told you mama! No kitty, no laying still. See ya!"]

Carla weighs in at 6.5kg ( 14 lbs, 5 oz) and measures 65.5 cm tall. That's almost a two pound gain from her last weigh in. She's just about grown out of her 6month pajamas and I haven't got any larger ones for her yet. I was hoping to make it until our next trip home in her current pjs. That's not gonna happen. Binding feet might be normal in China, but not for my girl. I'll be buying some bigger ones soon.

Our girl loves to eat. She started eating purees shortly after turning five months, and has yet to try a food she doesn't like. Her least favorite is applesauce, and favorite would have to be peas. Other favorites have been pumpkin, zucchini, banana and mango. Next up on the menu are green beans and carrots...and maybe avocado if she's lucky. 

                      [ "Peas are my faaaaaaavorite. I'll cry when the bowl runs out."]

No teeth yet, but I suspect by the end of the month she will have one poking through. Her mouth is a faucet and she loves chewing on things. I hope it doesn't affect her sleep much, as she has continued to spoil us with 7:30 bedtimes and 5:30-6:30am waking. Her naptimes have been shorter (two naps of about an hour each) lately, but I've read that this is normal when babies are mastering new crawling! 

                 ["It's okay mama, he's just trying to stop me from getting his excavator."]

Although NZ and I are excited to see her gaining mobility, there is one person in our house who isn't so sure about his sister getting into his things. Out of all our toys, she prefers Sal's excavators and cement mixers- the ones made in China, with small, breakable and swallowable parts. 


Her first words might just be, "Not for you, Carla" as Sal and I say this to her multiple times per day. She loves anything that lights up and makes noise, so it's pretty easy to redirect her to something else. I know its only going to get harder to keep her occupied. Afterall, Sal's toys are the coolest. 

Maybe, just maybe, we will get her a few new "Carla safe" toys for being the sweetest little girl we know. Each day with her is the best. I just want to pick her up, kiss her and say, "Thank you for being ours." 

We love you Carla. 


  1. Love these two. Great photos mom.
    grama and grampa

  2. Time isn't supposed to go this fast. Evyn is 7 months today and I can hardly believe it! Sal & Carla are such cuties!

  3. She is just so darn sweet. I love her little face. Six months seems insane to me! And then part of me is thrilled that breastfeeding will end (and part of me not...) in just 6 months. Means Mommy freedom!

    B is getting quite territorial over here with his toys as well... though we have no scooting yet. Apparently Claire wants to beat her brother out of the water in weight-gain though... girl can eat!

  4. Happy 6 months Carla!! You are such a sweetheart, can't wait to snuggle and play!