Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lost wallets and peeing in pools

I woke up to one of the clearest days I have seen in a while. The air seemed cooler and there was a nice breeze flowing. 

At 5:30 a.m.

The rest of the day was much like the last week has been. Too hot to do much of anything. The kids and I tried to walk a half mile to B&Q to buy superglue, but we only made it as far as the convenience store at the entrance to our compound. Sal was insistent that "the wady have my [his] wallet" at the convenience store. He left his wallet and money on the dashboard of the store's train ride on Tuesday and it was gone within minutes of us remembering and going back for it. 

He went in and asked the clerk "you have my wallet?" today and she had no idea what he was saying so she just told him how cute he was in mandarin. 

From there, we tried to spend a few minutes in the shaded sandbox playing, but sand and sweat don't mix--nor does a hot baby stuck in the stroller while her brother plays. 

After ten minutes of being sand magnets, we returned to our apartment, cranked the a/c and filled the pool on the patio. 

Carla took her first dip in it today and christened it with pee within her first two minutes. 

Summertime is in full effect. 

And that folks, was our day.

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  1. Nice to see blue skies. Sorry it was so sticky! Love the picture of Carla.. big brown eyed girl