Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Wham, bam, you bought a crib, ma'am

I did it.

I went against my fears and made the trek to IKEA today to buy nursery furniture. 

Originally, I had planned to give the girl Sal's crib, and move Sal into a toddler bed, but at the advice of my pediatrician back home, I'm not changing ANYTHING. What's Sal's is Sal's and I will relish in the last few months of him being confined to his crib before he figures out that he, the climber of all things climbable, can get out of the crib himself. Its a mystery to me that he hasn't yet figured this out.

Like I said, I will relish in this.

This morning, Sal, my friend Mimi & her son, and our driver spent two hours measuring, marking down aisle numbers and collecting furniture. I am so very thankful for my driver, as he and Sal are best buddies. Sal literally runs to him when we walk out to meet the car. My driver goes grocery shopping with me, watches Sal and pushes the cart & loads my groceries at the store. His performance in IKEA loading furniture and pushing our cart today did not disappoint. I'm not sure he knew what he was getting himself into, shopping for baby furniture with two laowai women, but I couldn't have done it without him. 

The dresser and crib should be delivered tomorrow, assuming in gave the correct Chinese address to the delivery department. The associate spoke zero English, so I agreed to what I understood she was saying (name, telephone, address) and handed over my phone with my address written in Chinese so she knew where everything was to go. I'm getting better at communication, but there's no way I will ever claim that I know mandarin. I know like five words. That's the equivalent of a one year old baby's vocabulary. That's nothin. 

So, hopefully, by tomorrow night, we will have the furniture along with IKEA's stellar directions to assemble. I may or may not owe my ol man a 6-pack of beers for putting up with me and furniture drama, but in the end it will all be worth it. 

Six and a half weeks and counting. 

Good god, I hope I didn't just jinx myself.


  1. You're so spoiled. ;)

    What WILL you do when you move back to the US? Hah.

    1. I am spoiled. For as difficult as daily tasks are here, he makes at least some of them easier. What I look forward to the most when we move home....installing our car seats just once, and never ever moving them again (: I despise car seat installs but I am getting to be a pro at it after almost two years of doing it every time we go somewhere. (:

  2. Looking forward to seing the girl's crib all set up. Don't be surprised if brother climbs in to test it!

  3. This is an aptly timed post- N climbed out of his crib yesterday morning. Then again twice in the afternoon. So his Sundvik got converted to a toddler bed yesterday. I was DREADING him getting out and tearing his room apart but he has totally impressed me. I did have to put a rolled towel along the edge under the sheet because he rolled off onto pillows then freaked out, but so far, so good. :) Even went down for his nap like normal today. Go N!