Sunday, November 17, 2013

31 weeks & my birthday

How far along? 31 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 26 lbs

Maternity clothes? The options are dwindling. I prefer to wear leggings and NZ's t shirts at home, and oversized sweaters when I have to get dressed to go out. 

Stretch marks? Amazingly, still clear. I even made NZ double check the other day. 

Sleep: terrible. Awful. No good. I've got a massive head cold and the baby pushing on my ribs, so it makes me feel short of breath most of the day. I remember being sick at this point while pregnant with Sal as well. 31 weeks must be the magic get sick week. 

Best moment this week: Having yet another "normal" prenatal check up. Every time we go, I am worried we will be told something is wrong. The girl seems to be growing just fine, and measures a moderate size. Because of my uterine reconstruction, one of my biggest worries has been that my uterine septum will grow back, causing restricted growth. As the weeks progress, I am more and more thankful for finding Dr. Hubert, who back in 2010--listened, took interest, and diagnosed and fixed what I believe to be the cause of my previous losses. I truly believe that without his expertise, we wouldn't have Sal, let alone be expecting another. 

Miss Anything? Being able to breathe easily.

Movement: Yes. I have a foot lodged under my ribs a few times a day. 

Food cravings: ice, citrus, mashed potatoes and McDonald's (yes, McDonald's) greasy hashbrown patties.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing 

Gender: Girl.

Labor Signs: None.

Symptoms: aching hips, back and difficulty getting a deep breath.

Belly Button in or out? Flush.

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody?: Happy and nervous. Nervous because I am pulling the trigger and buying her crib and dresser drawers this week. I want to get her room set up so Sal sees that someone new will be living with us rather than --BAM! Here's your sister. 

Looking forward to: getting over my headcold, and setting up her nursery.

Today is my 36th birthday. I actually had to do the math to confirm this. I thought I was 37. A year younger? I'll take it! Since I am exhausted and sick, my friends kept it real simple, planning a walk in "local fashion" to get my favorite cheap Muslim noodles for lunch. I wore my best Chinese maternity pajamas with fashionable shoes adorned in rhinestones. I felt ridiculous, but comfortable. I even dressed Sal in split pants (with a diaper, of course). 

He was not amused.

We brought the noodles back to my house and enjoyed cake to follow. The plan was a Christmas movie, but knowing I was in need of a nap, the girls left me for an afternoon snooze instead. I'm so thankful for my friends here. We are all from a different neck of the woods, with different pasts, but I've found such support in each and every one of them, that their friendship could be considered the best gift of all.

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