Friday, November 1, 2013

For like ever (her nursery)

Living in a furnished rental makes decorating a nursery a challenge. Since the furniture is not ours to get rid of, we must do some re-arranging to make room for our little-sister-to-be. Our apartment is a three bedroom, so we have space for her in what has been our "office". This means moving the office desk into our pantry (which I think will work well as extra counter space near the kitchen), the bookshelf to our entry way, and the entry way armoire into the baby's room to use as a makeshift closet. The only bedroom in our house with a closet is the master, and it's tiny itself. I've had to be creative with my storage solutions. There is a futon in the office already, and it will stay and serve as a place to nurse and read stories in her room. It's quite Chinese, so I'm hoping to make some throw pillows to disguise it's chrome accents.

I'm stressing about moving furniture and making sure my "plan" works, but I've refused to do any nursery work until I hit 30 weeks-but now that it's just around the corner-I'm starting to get excited about decorating for my girl!

I love browsing for fabric online, and as soon as I knew it was a girl, I ordered three fabrics for crib sheets that my sister sewed up for me. 

          ( fabric)

We have an IKEA in town, and that's where we bought Sal's crib, so we will do the same for the girl. I'm also going to buy an IKEA expedit bookcase as it will be just the right height for a changing table. I like the idea of having the compartments below for diaper storage, etc. 

As for the walls?

I've been smitten with the "for like ever" print since the first time I saw it, so naturally, it's the main attraction in the new room. I also found some inspiration in Cyndi Lauper's song, "girls just wanna have fun", and plan on making a canvas with lyrics from that song for the wall as well.

I'll be sure to post pictures of the finished product when we've got it all together. I'm sure some things will change along the way, but I am excited to see how it all comes together. 


  1. Exciting times! Love you all grama sandy

  2. You at least have a plan! I hit 31 weeks this week, and I still have no clue exactly what I want to do! Yikes!