Wednesday, November 13, 2013

30 weeks

                      [ 30 week selfie]

How far along?
30 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: not sure. I see my OB this weekend and will find out.

Maternity clothes? Many of them are getting too tight. Shirts don't cover my belly, and it's starting to get chilly here. Sweatpants and NZ's sweatshirts----ready or not, here I come! 

Stretch marks? Still clear. 

Sleep: I jinxed myself last week, claiming to sleep better. This week, my sleep suuuuucks. Too much on my mind. I'm up from 2:30-5:00a almost every night. I settle into a comfortable sleep right as the alarm goes off, which in my case is a little boy in the next room yelling, "Mah-ma", louder and louder until I get my ass out of bed and greet him good morning.

Best moment this week: I got some pretty bad news early this week regarding one of my best friends. It has left me heartbroken. So, the best moment this week is just the simple fact that I am by some miracle still carrying this child. I'm humbled even more so than before, and just really reaching to find the good moments of this week. It's hard to be happy when you know someone you care about is hurting so bad.

Miss Anything? No

Movement: she freaks me out sometimes because she doesn't move a ton, but then come evening time, she is quite active and puts my mind at ease.

Food cravings: orange juice, a nice juicy steak, potatoes.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.

Gender: Girl.

Labor Signs: No

Symptoms: aching hips

Belly Button in or out? Almost out.

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody?: Thankful to still be pregnant. Emotional. Anxious. Does that qualify as moody? 

Looking forward to: Being reassured that the baby is growing well and I am not in danger of anything at my next appointment.

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