Friday, September 27, 2013

23 weeks

How many weeks: 23

Showing? Ginormous. I'm embarrassed to admit I am depressed over how large I am (and I still have 15-17 weeks to go.)

How am I feeling? Tired. Depressed (see above). Elated to still be pregnant and feeling movement. Hopeful. 

Doctor’s Appointment? Saw my endocrinologist today. I'm severely hypothyroid, so were going to manipulate my meds til I get back into the normal range. I was the most hypo I have been in 6 years! No wonder I've been lagging even more than usual (and perhaps it has contributed to my magnificent weight gain). I absolutely adore my endo and his staff. He will have me retest in 4 weeks and go from there. Managing my thyroid from half a world away--now that's a doc that cares!

Workouts? Just walking and pushing strollers and carrying a 25lb toddler

Sleep? Terrible. Jet lag plus no naps while on holiday in CA have put me in bed by 8:30 most nights, and then it has taken our son a week to get his sleep right (its a 15 hr time difference from China to CA)...can't wait to get back to my afternoon naps and full nights of sleep.

Weight Gain?  As I said last week, I'm following Jessica Simpsons footsteps this time around. Wanna be shocked? 22 lbs in 23 weeks, 7 of those pounds have been gained in just 21 days. I want to cry! But before anyone blasts me--I will stand by my claim that I will do anything to get this baby home healthy and alive, no matter how many lbs I have to gain...just wishing it wasn't so much, so fast! 

Baby preparation? Uhm....between grandmas and aunts and great grandmas.....I have at least a suitcase full of girl clothes. We bought some formula to supplement with and pacifiers, bottle nipples and the like. So.much.stuff! Babies are expensive, yo.

Likes/Dislikes? Loves: lemonade


  1. Not blasting you about your weight gain because I'm doing worse...I've gained 35 in almost 27 weeks. That's one of my downfalls...I eat like crap when pregnant and enjoy it. I watch what I eat pretty hardcore in non-preggo state, so I unfortunately am one of those who uses pregnancy as an excuse to eat poorly. :(

  2. You look great, don't you worry! Would you mind sharing who your endocrinologist is? Looking for a good one in Ventura County! Thanks!! :) Love your blog!!

    1. I've been indebted to Dr. Harvey Schneir for the last 6-7 years. He is an attentive, caring and forward thinking Doctor. He has gotten me on track to the point most days I don't even remember I have thyroid disease. His staff is incredibly efficient and helpful. They are in Camarillo. 805-987-5041 ext. 7

    2. Thanks so much!!

  3. I am so happy for you on your second pregnancy.