Sunday, September 8, 2013

20 weeks [halfway there]

 How many weeks? 20 

Yes, and lately I can't figure out it the chatter of the Ayis is an "oh-my-Gawd-laowai-is-pregnant-and-chasing-a-toddler-alone" (the Chinese tend to see women who are pregnant as very of them being that a pregnant woman should not exert herself, especially by carrying a 11kg toddler) or more of the "oh-my-gawd-Laowai-woman-think-she-so-special-having-more-than-one-baby". I really don't know how the Chinese feel about the laws of their country forbidding couples from having more than one child. Are they okay with that? Do they feel slighted? Are they jealous of us foreigners or the few Chinese that are allowed to have more than one? Anyone know the answer?


How am I feeling? Relieved but still guarded. We had the level II anatomy scan this week and she is measuring perfectly average. All her parts appear to be functioning and in the right place. She's laying oblique, and facing my spine, just like Sal did, so we didn't get to see the picture perfect profile shot, but we got to see a glimpse as she wiggled around a bit. 

Doctor’s Appointment? Yep. Still liking my Doctor and the hospital we've chosen. She's very reassuring this far. Next appointment is scheduled for after our return from the USA. They do the 3-hr glucose tolerance test here, so I can't say I'm looking forward to that one. I'm looking at not being able to eat until 1:00pm that day due to fasting, travel time, and the 3hr test starting at 10:00am. Someone have a lemonade  on tap for me STAT.

Workouts? Sal and I walked halfway for 5k Monday with the ladies, and once to the produce market. After seeing the scale today, I ordered a prenatal workout on iTunes to try out. Mama needs exercise. 

Sleep? Still napping a ton. Starting to feel like an insomniac at night though.

Weight Gain?  Oh my, yes! 3kg in just 4 weeks! That's 6.8kg overall at the halfway point. It's the most I've gained so early in any of my pregnancies.

Baby preparation? Not this week.

Likes/Dislikes? Orange juice & cream cheese on anything. 


  1. YAY for halfway there! Would love to know if you like the prenatal workout you downloaded! I've been lazy about anything besides cardio so far. Walk, jog, spin, whatnot. I would probably benefit from light weights!

  2. Halfway! We are getting there!

    I've never thought about how the Chinese feel with the regulations...that's an interesting thought.

    Ugh - the 3 hour glucose test. I had to do it with Camerom because I failed the 1 hour test and have already had to do it with Evyn once and will probably have to do it again...unless I just happen to get lucky and pass the one hour in a few weeks...knowing my track record...I doubt that will happen!

    I'm glad all is well! I've been thinking about you!