Friday, September 27, 2013

A day at the farm

Hello from sunny Southern California! 
It's currently 83 sunny, breezy degrees here and p-e-r-f-e-c-t autumn weather. 

Go ahead and hate me now ( I would too).

We wanted to give Sal a break from our on-the-go shopping/visiting/appointment schedule and do something just for him. A few years back when my friends Liz and John visited, we took them to Underwood farms and their daughter really liked it so I have been looking forward to taking Sal. 

Today was the day.

He was slow to warm up, but quickly fell in love with the animals and really really enjoyed feeding them carrots with his dad. He especially liked when the sheep would "baaaaa" and the pygmy goats would use their horns to knock on the feed chute to ask for more. We tried to get him to ride the miniature horses but he wasn't having it. He stuck his lower lip out and started doing his "how-can-you-do-this-to-me"?! face so we backed off and opted for the train ride instead.

 There were play structures and hay bales and tractor slides....and we did them all. On our way out, Sal got to select his very own pumpkin. He tried to pick it up himself but still needed some back-up from dad. He picked a winner!


  1. What a beautiful day to go to the Farm. It sounds like a great place for the kids. I bet you next time he will be ready to ride the miniature horses!

  2. We have a couple of places like that here in Oklahoma. One of them was destroyed by the tornado back in May and I think just reopened this weekend...maybe it is time for Cameron to go! If I can just talk adam into it...:)