Monday, September 16, 2013

22 weeks

How many weeks: 22

Showing? Everything on me has grown this time. Arms, butt, stomach, chins....feeling more and more like Jessica Simpson, daily. Not knocking her by any means, but you know how some women only grow a cute belly....and others grow everywhere? I'm feeling the latter. 

How am I feeling? Tired. Achy. Hopeful. Really relieved to be feeling jabs and kicks more regularly. The first time I was absolutely positive I felt the girl (and not gas) was at 20w4d. So much for feeling consecutive pregnancies earlier and earlier. She held out on me! 

Doctor’s Appointment? No OB visits til October. A looooong 5 week stretch ( due to travel) between appointments this time. I will see my endocrinologist next week when I'm stateside. He's worth traveling a million miles for. 

Workouts? Just walking. Been walking about 1-2 miles 3x a week. This afternoon, my trusty napper decided to babble for two hours in his crib before I caved and plopped him in our stroller for a ride. Twenty minutes into a walk I didn't really want to be on, he cashed in his chips, so I hightailed it home and parked my butt on the couch while he slept the afternoon away.  Mom wins.

 I had downloaded a Summer Sanders prenatal workout and OMG it is way beyond my abilities. Ab work and squats while pregnant? I thought this was a no-no? I'm bummed I paid for a workout I am not comfortable doing. Guess I will Improvise some upper body work and light legs myself. I should have known better than to download a video without watching a preview first. Mom loses.

Sleep? Still napping a ton. Nights are rough. Between nightmares (now courtesy of Breaking Bad episodes) and waking to pee every couple hours, I'm feeling like I hit my sleep stride right as our alarm goes off each morning. 

Weight Gain?  Oh my, yes! Another .4 kg since last week! Holy hell, batman! 

Baby preparation? Nope.

Likes/Dislikes? Orange juice and grapes.

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