Monday, October 14, 2013

26 weeks

How many weeks: 26

How am I feeling? Exhausted? Our California trip wiped me out. Between our later bedtimes and a non-napping toddler I'm feeling the aftermath of a lack of routine hardcore this week. I felt physically sick the first few days back home. 

Doctor’s Appointment? I was scheduled for the dreaded glucose test and an OB visit last week. Visit went great (still loving my OB) and I passed the test. No gestational diabetes for us.

Workouts? Stroller pushing to get errands done. My friend Mimi and I have been walking laps around the complex for about an hour in the evenings this week. It's nice to have a walking partner. 

Sleep? Terrible. Insomnia plus jet lag strike again.

Weight Gain?  1.8kg since my last OB appt. We enjoyed every minute of our California eating frenzy. 

Baby preparation? Unpacking the loads of clothes and baby paraphernalia we brought back

Likes/Dislikes? Loves: Huberts lemonade from Sprouts market. I miss it already.

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