Monday, October 14, 2013

California dreamin'

We've been back from California for a week now, and have finally re acclimated to life in China. Thankfully, we do better with the time change and jetlag coming west, better than when we fly east. One or two nights of waking and we were all sleeping like babies again.

We had a great visit home, although I admit, it was my most exhausting trip thus far. I blame pregnancy, jetlag and a non-napping toddler. Exhaustion aside, trips home are always just what the doctor ordered.

Some highlights included:

Dinner with longtime friends and their kids. Sal got to sit at the big kid table for the first time with Maverick and Makayla. We look forward to many more good dinners and play dates with these two and their parents.

Breakfast at grandma Sandy and grandpa Bob's house. Fresh picked oranges (although I think the fruit pictured was a lemon) and cherry tomatoes. Isn't that what every kid begs for at breakfast? 
Decorating Halloween cookies with Auntie Stephanie. My sister made cookies and flooded them with white royal icing. She then drew Halloween themed designs on them and gave Sal edible ink markers to decorate them. It's been reported that he taste tested each cookie--nick and I took the opportunity to get away to the surf shops while Auntie Steph kept Sal entertained.

Shopping with auntie Steph and grandma Sandy. 

Feeding grandpa Jet's doggies. Sal even pronounced their names "Tess" and "Kate" and took an instant liking to them. Since our visit home, Sal thinks he is a doggie. He often puts his snack on the floor and eats it like a dog and hides out in our pet kennel.

The beach! We spent so many mornings at the beach. 

High school football. We got to watch Sal's future high school (his dad's alma mater) play a game. Who knows, someday maybe I'll be sitting in these stands cheering this little guy on. 

We had many more good times with family and friends that didn't get pictured. Our two weeks flew by, as always, and before we knew it, we were faced with packing up all our stuff and heading out again.

Until next time, California!

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  1. I'm glad that you had a good trip and are back safe!