Saturday, September 15, 2012

Wuxi International Club

I keep talking about all the support that NZ and I have received since moving to China. We joined a club for expats and Nationals alike, that hosts functions on a regular basis. The group is called Wuxi International Club, and most of our friends are also a part of the organization.

Here's a few photos from our recent coffee morning.

Sal was cutting FOUR teeth at once ( all uppers) so he was having a tough time, but I am really trying my best to get out and about and soak in  everything that this experience has to offer--whether it be making new friends, seeing new sights, or just plain getting out of my boring old routine I had back home.

Sal & his best big buddy go everywhere together!

Sal met a new friend--and he thinks she's pretty swell. I see play dates in our future.

Quite a turnout!

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