Monday, September 10, 2012

Week in Pictures

With NZ gone last week, Sal and I filled our calendar with outings and playdates. I can't remember what we did on each day, so here's our week in pictures...

Such a big boy holding his bottle on the way to his friend Jan's house

He.gets.into.EVERYTHING. But just look at that face. How can you get mad?

Monkey bridge at the Park by Lake Taihu
Sal & his bud test out chairs at B&Q
"Hey mama, I think I neeeeed one of these. Aren't I cute?"

Where'd all the fishies go? Our complex drained all of the ponds this week.

My favorite find this week. 11 RMB for 24 fresh eggs. That's like $1.50

We caught wind that NZ was going to be returning with a case of the flu...
so Sal & I found a pharmacy and some US made cold & flu medicine.

We shopped at the baby stores by the Hospital and got picked up on by the ladies.

And by far my favorite thing...morning walks with the boy.
Oh, and before I forget....Sal has added two more chompers to his grin. He cut his top two teeth this week!

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  1. Sooo cute!! Love that face, Mr. Sal! And way to go on the top front teeth - can you please tell your friend Jax to go ahead and just let his teeth out? :-)