Friday, September 14, 2012

EIGHT months old

Eight is great!
Sometimes I look at how quickly time is passing, and just want to scream "NOOOOOOOOOOO!". My baby is growing up way too fast. Kenny Chesney's song "Don't Blink" couldn't be truer. I am so afraid that when I wake up tomorrow Sal's going to be graduating High School.

He's doing awesome.

Mmmmm, kitty food. Bet it tastes soooo yummy!

This past month was a huge one in terms of growth and motor development. He has now found that he is not limited to the living room--and this new found mobility means he has found a number of things to get into. He's going to get sick of hearing his mama say " Stay Out". It's "Stay out" this, and "Stay out" that. "Stay out of the shoes", "Stay out of the cat food", "Stay out of the shoes..." Yes--I just said "Stay out of the shoes" twice in this post....that's pretty much his go-to item these days. DIRTY ol flip flops. Sooooo tasty!

Mama, wherez all the DVD's go?

He even got called by his full name ( that's how you KNOW you're in trouble!) this past month for getting into Beaver's litter box. I swear, I turn my back for a split second and the kid has his hand in something I'd rather he not. With the threat of toxicplasmosis, I felt that the stern "SALVATORE NICHOLAS" was warranted.

The "Oh shit What mama?" look on his face was priceless. It was all I could do not to smile and laugh. But playing in litter boxes is a HUGE no-no. I'm currently on the hunt for a baby gate that will fit our doorway to avoid the situation all together.

Sal has also been working on FOUR upper teeth all at once. He's been a trooper, and I hope that he gets a little break from cutting teeth long enough for us to have an easy flight to the states and back in a few weeks. A mom can wish, right?

My favorite thing that he's begun doing more often are the huge belly laughs. They come from deep inside and once he's on a roll, it's hard to stop him ( and who would want to stop such cuteness, anyways?). He is one happy boy.

Our nights ( don't kill me Amy!) have been stellar. Most of the time, he sleeps from 7:00p to 5:00a without waking for a feeding. Most being the key word. We still have our nights, but he spends a greater percentage of nights sleeping through than not. I wish I could say the same for naps. I have contemplated removing one of his morning naps, in hopes of a nice long afternoon nap, but so far, it's backfired on me--all we end up with is a cranky napless son come 5:00p. I'll keep trying until we get it right. So much of parenting is trial and error. And no two moms or babies are the same. That's for sure. I'll keep my nights over naps if I have to choose.
Mama, I think I needs a bigger pool.

Other milestones this month were solo taxi rides with mama ( it's not easy taking a baby anywhere by taxi here..between stroller, car seat and groceries), a trip to Nanchan Temple, lunch dates, coffee dates and play dates at his buddies house. I've also been filling a plastic tub with water and he really gets a thrill out of splashing in it out on our balcony.

Sal is a very social baby, and I hope he continues to have his dad's gregarious spirit over my shyness. The move to China has been good for his social development, that's for sure! So many friends, so much attention, so much love--he's one lucky kid!

Annnnd, some outtakes from our monthly onesie shoot.....

Mama, how much longer does I has to smile? Can I play yet?

What da???? What is dis behind me?

Dat's it..I'm outta here.

I think I'll lift some weights instead

Ahhh, my sippy cup. I love guzzling water and making a spill proof cup, Spill.


  1. I know a little girl named Boo Stoddie who liked to eat dry dog food and she competed with the dogs for their food so they had to start eating outside. I'm surprised they didn't bite her head off!

  2. What a great idea to use a little tub for fun! I'll have to buy one of those for B. sal is such a big boy... and so many teeth!

  3. My goodness is he CUTE!! Love that smile, Sal!

    And yes, I am so jealous of your amazing night time sleeping!!!