Saturday, September 22, 2012

Noodles & anniversaries

The Muslim noodle joint across the street from our complex just re-opened after sticking burger and fry decals to the walls remodeling. The place is grungy, dirty and has the BEST NOODLES around.
I ate there last week with the girls, and had been hounding NZ to go with me. I just knew he would love them. When I returned from Suzhou on Friday, he called me and told me that he, his assistant and our driver were on their way to Sal and I joined them for lunch.
It's my new fave, and NZ's second fave ( he still likes Dumplings more).

We even spent our 6th anniversary there today for lunch.

Normally we celebrate at a  nice steak house, but being in China and all--we thought we'd go rogue this year and enjoy local fare instead.
makin noodles
Noodle maker extrordinaire
They pull the noodles right in front of the store, and then cook them in a huge pot out front... You can add meat, veggies and spices. It reminds me a bit of Mongolian BBQ, made into soup, minus the pork option.

Watch him in action...
For 7 RMB ( $1.10) per bowl, it can't be beat.

Oh...and I got flowers. Lovely flowers.

Happy Anniversary, sunshine!

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  1. I would LOVE that place! Your cheap food options sound incredible.